September 10, 2013

“In our 14 years together we’ve travelled the world together, our relationship survived long distance status whilst I was at university, we’ve calculated  attendance to over 40 weddings (yes we were invited and not wedding crashers!) and have been to more festivals than we can count on our fingers and toes. As a result we have accumulated many crazy friends which dictates that we need/want a maaahooosive wedding.”

Amy told me in her very first email and I think those influences are clear all the way through their wedding – a massive celebration of their love, and the part all of their many, many friends played in their day. Her sister who runs the Nom Nom Bakery in Gloucester did the cakes, the samba band are their mates too, and everyone pitched in for them to have a belltent for the night.

Their ceremony was a procession of samba drums and colourful balloons up a natural corridor to a little red building where they did the legal bits, but professed their love in front of their family and friends below. A crazy carnival which suited them perfectly. In short, it was a riot.