December 10, 2013


This is one of the photos from my own wedding, and there was a good long while when I couldn’t look at it at all, and in fact hated it. Not for any technical reason at all but because the least favourite thing about myself was proudly on display (I’d love to know if any of you can tell what it is). It felt like an important part of the day though so we included it in the albums we put together for our parents and my Mother in Law proudly displayed her album in the living room open on this page; every time I saw it I was reminded of that thing and instead of loving the image for what it was, for me it was lost. I was relieved when, after a few months, she shifted the book around and I didn’t have to look at it.

Flash forward four years (which, truth be told has passed in the blink of an eye) and I’m able to look at it a-new. Now I see part of a story, a marriage about to happen, a girl in a taxi riding with her boy on the way to the town hall, a girl who was laughing at a shared joke and was excited  about what was to come (and also how incredibly young I look). I still have that flaw but I see past it, see something beautiful and now it makes me feel completely different. I remember vividly the heady excitement of our wedding morning and this shot brings it all back. I now have this printed, displayed in a frame in my living room.

I guess what I’m trying to say is two things – firstly, we all have hangups. I’m a girl, I get it, I understand but secondly, and more importantly, is that beauty, true beauty isn’t in the things that we think it is. It isn’t the things that media and the world at large tell us are beautiful. Beauty is in the moments in-between; a joke shared between two people on the way to their wedding ceremony, beauty is in real life, and from my perspective now I’m behind the lens, I want to celebrate that. Real is beautiful.

Aside from all the advice I give to the couples who book me, the one thing I probably don’t say often enough, but which really needs to be said is that you are all beautiful, and none more so than on this special day, and it breaks my heart to think that anyone might feel like I did then, and not see that beauty.

The topic was written about, far more eloquently, on the Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/teresa-s-porter/so-youre-feeling-too-fat-to-be-photographed_b_4351360.html


The image in this post was taken by A J Williams