April 25, 2014


A few weeks ago the team behind The Lost Lanes (AKA Racquel and Micheal), a rather fantastic online store selling all manner of wonderful and stylish things, got in touch to enquire about whether or not I would do some head shots for them that reflected them and their brand. I understand that as a small business you want beautiful, creative images that will make you stand out in a sea of drab, corporate profile pics. After all if, you’re the face of your business, you’re a kind of living embodiment of your brand.

Raquel and Micheal hired The Library at Wilton’s Music Hall, which is an amazing space and I’d LOVE to do a wedding there, and armed with lots of lovely window light and my trusty lastolite reflector I captured some images that really reflect them.


Raquel & Michael The Lost Lanes2014-04-24_0002Raquel & Michael The Lost LanesScreen Shot 2014-04-24 at 20.05.28

In the past year or so I’ve done several commissions for various different clients including business profile portraits for Zoe and John, the team behind Mona Mara jewellery; head shots for the actress Charlene Louise and a whole series of images to promote the Gloanna Yoga Runs so do please get in touch if you’re looking for a quote for creative head shots or business images in London, for whatever you do. I’d love to help work on growing your brand with amazing images! It’s a lot about weddings round here, but not entirely!

Zoe & John Mona Mara profile picsZoe & John Mona Mara profile picsZoe & John Mona Mara profile picsZoe & John Mona Mara profile pics2014-04-24_0005Charlene LuiseCharlene LuiseCharlene LuiseGloanna - low res previews-14Gloanna - low res previews-32Gloanna - low res previews-54