May 10, 2017

Aside from shooting lots of lovely weddings, I’ve been busy in the past year doing lots of other work and learning new things. Partly because it’s great to have lots of variety in my work, but partly because it keeps things fresh and interesting. I’ve been photographing people, headshots, food, interiors and cheesemakers!

Here’s some of my favourites from the past little while.

First of all I went and brushed up my lighting skills with the rather talented Rosella Vanon, this shot was taken at her workshop last year of the rather gorgeous Sofia – anyone looking to gain more of an understanding of how to use studio lighting in a easy to understand way, then look no further than her classes at Huddle Studios.

I’ve also been busy setting up my own test shots, and worked with some rather gorgeous girls – Alisha, Florence and Cathy on studio based beauty set ups. I’d absolutely love to do more of this kind of thing so if you’re interested in testing – maybe you’re a stylist, MUA or a model; then hit me up. I’d love to get truly creative and crazy.

If you’re really interested in the process I actually wrote a little about this for the Snap photography festival blog, which you can read over here.

And finally, I had the opportunity to document the team (and our friends) over at Ferndale Farms cheeses both at work, and their rather tasty product. Their cheese is found on the menu at some of Norfolk’s top restaurants and we were both lucky enough to have a write up in the visual delight that is Feast Norfolk magazine. Here’s a couple of the spreads featuring my images. There’s some truly lovely food photography featured in the magazine, and so it was a real delight to find my work in there whilst casually buying a toastie in Bread Source.

If any of this floats your boat and you’re keen to discuss working with me, want to see more, or have a chat about how I can create some imagery for your brand, then just head over to my other site www.eleanorgillard.com/welcome