January 11, 2018

This year hasn’t just been about the weddings – it’s also been about lots of lovely couple shoots, families, commercial gigs photographing restaurant interiors, having my food work published in a magazine and one of my author portraits in a book…

I was originally going to publish these as separate posts, as quite honestly, while my engagement and couple shoot work feeds directly into my wedding work (for reasons I’ll cover briefly in a bit) most of my other stuff doesn’t, but I feel like I want to create the same sort of visual language in everything I do. One of the key jobs on my to-do list before the wedding season starts is to update my slightly neglected commercial site www.eleanorgillard.com with all the latest work I’ve done, and some case studies and loads more information for anyone interested in working with me.

In terms of engagement shoots, they are still one of my favourite things to do. I think couples worry they’ll feel silly covorting on a beach or a London side street, and I really want it to be a world away from that. A chance to hang out, create some art, maybe drink a beer or a coffee, chat about the day and have some fun. It’s a chance to get to find out what it’s like to be photographed by me, and for me to find out what makes the two of you tick. They are still one of the favourite parts of my service.

Similarly doing relaxed and natural family shoots has been a wonderful way to catch up with some of the couples whose weddings I photographed, and the cool little people that they made. I’d love to shoot more of them in 2018.

So that’s my little piece, here are the images….