September 8, 2019

Your Alternative Wedding Playlist

indie wedding playlist ideas

I really struggled to find music that worked for our wedding – although we have broadly similar tastes his love for dub reggae and my love for maudlin alternative songs and a distinct lack of anything that could remotely be described as ‘our song’ meant that finding tracks for walking down the aisle, signing the register or leaving the ceremony was a bit tricky – we ended up with an instrumental Mogwai track and left our Islington Town Hall wedding ceremony to the Human League.

alternative wedding music ideas

So, if you’re of a similar age and alternative 6 Music-y musical persuasion, and the thought of that Ed Sheeran and Beyonce track makes you want to vomit into your confetti cone, here’s some of my favourite wedding-y tracks as a handy Spotify playlist.

alternative indie wedding ceremony


Some of my personal highlights and why I love them…

Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs 

As the album comes to a close, this track delivers such an emotional gut punch. The power and fragility in Karen O’s voice almost always brings me to tears.

Say Something Loving – The xx

I adore The xx, their first album, 10 years old now, was the soundtrack to commute and late night journeys home back when I was working in fashion. This track from their latest album breathily captures the heady days of new love.

Stay Together & The Wild Ones – Suede

I was a *massive* Suede fan as a teenager. The Wild Ones in particular, from Dog Man Star, takes me back to my early teens, imagining what love might feel like.

Chicago – Sufjan Stevens

I love Sufjan, but by ‘eck, most of his tracks are gloomy. This isn’t really a love song, but a gentle, lilting ode to life on the road that feels optimistic and hopeful, and is perfect for a wedding.

Kooks – David Bowie.

Written as an ode to his son, this is a perfect track if you’re getting married and already have babies.

Myth – Beach House

“What comes after this / Momentary bliss” I have no idea what this is about really, but the pace and rhythm of it, and Beach House’s soft vocal melodies, would make a wonderful processional track.

Emmy Lou – First Aid Kit

“I’ll be your Emmylou and I’ll be your June / If you’ll be my Gram and my Johnny too” – an ode to great country music loves and sublime vocal harmonies.

Crawled Out of The Sea – Laura Marling

1.16 of perfection, especially if you’re in love with a sea creature.

Fire in My Heart – Super Furry Animals

Because I’ve got a fire in my heart for you….

What’s your favourite love song, and how are you incorporating your musical tastes into your wedding?