November 9, 2020

Amy & Matt – An elegant Syon Park wedding

I don’t blog everything I shoot, mainly as I’d never get round to it – I try to mix it up to not have too many of any one type of wedding. However I realised there was a glaring error in having not shared this wedding yet when I was having a conversation with someone and was all like ‘I shot this beautiful wedding at Syon Park back in 2017, let me show it to you’, which then lead to frantic searching of my archives and the realisation I had not yet put it out into the world.

Fortuitously, 2020 feels like just the year to recycle older content. While I swear I’ll share some complete posts from microweddings soon, it feels good to bask in those warm summer days, where we could be surrounded by so many people, and so much love and it just felt normal and good. And as we head into what could be a lonely wedding, I’m bathing in the golden glow of the warm sunset on that June day.

Amy and Matt held their wedding celebration at gorgeous Syon Park, in South West London. An iconic location that pops up frequently as a TV location and in editorials, it’s also one of my favourite weddings venues. It’s elegant and light filled (also – plants) with space to roam. I am *all* about Amy’s pink Miu Miu platforms and fierce looks, and loved the fact they got ready together at the Hilton Syon Park, just across the way. And did someone say tacos?