April 6, 2020

Annie & Luke – A London NYE wedding

St Barts Brewery wedding photography


The twinkling lights and cosy ambiance of St Barts Brewery, at Smithfield Market, turned out to be the absolutely perfect setting for Annie & Luke’s wedding on New Year’s Eve 2019 – outside it was cold and more than a little drizzly, inside the drinks flowed and friends from all around the world came to catch up and celebrate.

The day started at Annie’s mum’s home, before we travelled across London to Marylebone Town Hall. Making best use of the time and the light by doing both family photos, and couple photos, before the ceremony meant that Annie & Luke could really relax afterwards and catch up with their friends and family – they are usually based in Hong Kong.

The little mews streets behind Marylebone Town Hall are some of my favourites, and we ventured out after dark too, to make the most of the iconic locations around Smithfield. The moody, misty feel of London that day, was something kind of wonderful. So here then, is my final wedding of 2019.


Ellie Gillard is an alternative wedding photographer in the UK, specialising in London weddings, urban weddings, middle of nowhere weddings and anything that doesn’t really fit into a traditional bracket. If you like the sound of that – I’d love to hear from you.