January 8, 2019

Best of 2018

Best alternative wedding photography

So, finally, here it is. 40 weddings, 79 overall shoots, goodness knows how many miles travelled and weddings all over the UK and in France too. This is 2018.

Usually when I pull together my ‘best of’ you have to apply certain criteria, there still needs to be a sense of story even though the images are from completely different events, a flow and a theme. Often some of my favourite shots are the couple shots – firstly I love representing the connection between the two of you, but it’s also the time when your own vision comes to the fore and you get to line up the pieces as if you were a creative director a little.

Of course, 90% of my coverage is of the day as it happens. Those little moments that make up the day – the hand outstretched to help your Mum from the car you’ve arrived it, your new husband crying as you read your vows, your dad with a tie on his head, your best friends dancing in a circle together, bear hugs or that feeling of walking up the aisle towards your love. And so lots of this collection is pulled together simply because it best represents what I do. Photos I love or have a connection with.

I’ve continued shooting in some of my favourite locations – the urban and the wild- give me a filthy street in Hackney or Brixton and I’m in my element, but the same in a wide open space with a golden sunset.

This year I shot weddings right up until the 2nd Jan (which I appreciate is actually in 2019) finishing it with a gorgeous trio of weddings – all different and equally amazing, and all where previous couples whose weddings I had shot were in attendance. Such a joy to be recommended to your friends and family, and to catch up and see you again.

For me personally, this has been an interesting year. I’ve travelled with my love to Mexico, Berlin and France – revisiting some of my all time favourite spots, and also explored Iceland and France in a part work/part fun capacity. Things have been a little quieter on the travel front, mainly as there’s now only 5.5 weeks until we welcome baby Gillard, and due to the joy of scheduling holiday around a partner who has a ‘normal’ job. For now I’m looking forward to getting stuck into delivering the images from my last weddings of the year, and then putting my feet up (read: actually spending a lot of time bouncing on a birthing ball and going for long walks) ahead of our new arrival. Joss and I are excited, but also nervous, about becoming parents – something I swore I’d never do until about a year ago.

For obvious reasons I’m taking on a little less next year, and capping my year at a maximum of 25 weddings, so if you’ve been delaying getting in touch, then don’t wait. I’ll be back to full capacity for 2020, and my books are now open for then too.

I’m going to continue to blog 2018’s weddings through the coming weeks and months, but I hope you enjoy this overview of everything 2018.