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October 21, 2019 How I use flash in my work Simple Flash Techniques for Wedding Photography When I first started out as a photographer, my flash knowledge was pretty limited. I’d seen some YouTube tutorials on how you should bounce light f... VIEW POST
October 16, 2019 Harriet & Oscar – Hales Hall Barn wedding Hales Hall Barn wedding photography Harriet & Oscar held what could, quite possibly, be the most stylish DIY wedding ever, at the rather wonderful Hales Hall Great Barn in Norfolk. As an aside... VIEW POST
September 23, 2019 Amy & Paul – a Norwich anniversary shoot Norwich couple shoot A Norwich anniversary shoot  Amy got in touch a week or so before her and Paul's 10th wedding anniversary (funnily enough, they got married the day before us) and wondered if I'd be interested in tak... VIEW POST
September 8, 2019 Your Alternative Wedding Playlist I really struggled to find music that worked for our wedding - although we have broadly similar tastes his love for dub reggae and my love for maudlin alternative songs and a distinct lack of anyt... VIEW POST
July 22, 2019 My take on family photography   Baby & family photography in Norfolk and London I've been offering family photography for a while - a kind of under the counter offer - mainly for those whose weddings I'd photograph... VIEW POST
July 15, 2019 Terri & James – A Voewood wedding Norfolk wedding photographer   How you blog a wedding is all in the edit - a boisterous, fun filled day can seem quiet, considered and calm, or vice versa, and this exactly what I've done wit... VIEW POST
July 9, 2019 Mel & Rob – The Henry Moore Foundation Henry Moore Foundation wedding photography Henry Moore Foundation wedding photography Mel & Rob got married in the barn at the Henry Moore foundation - an open air gallery at his former home, dedicated to his works, and the barn, home t... VIEW POST
February 15, 2019 Clare & Sam – a NYE London wedding Hackney wedding photography Stoke Newington Wedding photography And so, finally, to my last wedding of 2018, which took place on the very last day of 2018. Clare & Sam found me through my lovely former couple Georgie and ... VIEW POST
February 8, 2019 An Asylum wedding – Kaia & John Alternative wedding photography london Alternative wedding photography London Kaia & John got married in the hinterland between Christmas and New Year, when everyone is still feasting, dancing and toasting; with a beautiful we... VIEW POST
January 18, 2019 Laura & Dave – a woodland wedding Longton Wood wedding photography Laura & Dave had a fabulous, fun (and dare I say a little bit drunken) wedding at Longton Wood in Kent, with a humanist ceremony, yet more pizza (pizza at all wed... VIEW POST