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January 11, 2018 2017: ENGAGEMENTS AND ALL THE REST…. This year hasn't just been about the weddings - it's also been about lots of lovely couple shoots, families, commercial gigs photographing restaurant interiors, having my food work published in a maga... VIEW POST
November 16, 2017 MY COMMITMENT TO BEING GREEN GREEN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY When I first started my business, I made a clear commitment to being green and I felt that it had gotten somewhat lost in amongst the day to day operations of running a busi... VIEW POST
May 10, 2017 WHAT I’VE BEEN UP TO – COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Aside from shooting lots of lovely weddings, I've been busy in the past year doing lots of other work and learning new things. Partly because it's great to have lots of variety in my work, but partly ... VIEW POST
March 3, 2017 THE FUJI X100T – A PRACTICAL REVIEW AND A ROUNDUP OF BILBAO AND SAN SEBASTIAN   I have been asked a few times to recommend a good travel camera, and to be honest until recently, I could only make a bit of a vague statement like w... VIEW POST
January 12, 2017 EMILY, RICH & THEIR BUMP Maternity photography London A little break from blogging weddings, lovely though they are.... Emily is also a wedding photographer based just down the road from me in Suffolk. Her and her husband Rich welcomed baby Astrid int... VIEW POST
October 6, 2016 TRAVEL MORE: LISBON One of the promises I made myself going into 2016 was that I would work less and travel more - in the rush of the first few years of getting up the business, the concept of a Summer holiday, let alone... VIEW POST
June 2, 2016 FRIDA AT WEST LEXHAM NORFOLK WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER When the supremely talented Penny from The Little Lending Company got in touch about a potential styled shoot I was pretty excited. She is an arbiter of good taste, and h... VIEW POST
December 21, 2015 BEST OF THE REST – FAMILIES, BUMPS, BOUDOIR AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN I thought work outside of capturing weddings deserved it's own little post. This year I've shot bumps, babies, boudoir, bloggers.... Styled shoots, a little travel, a little bit of interior photograph... VIEW POST
September 2, 2015 ERICA – KIMONOS AND CATS EARS Sometimes boudoir doesn't have to be daring to be sexy - I love these natural shots of the beautiful Erica. They were taken on the first boudoir day back in March. if you're interested in boudoir sho... VIEW POST
July 13, 2015 SARAH (NSFW) A BOUDOIR SESSION LONDON BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY Slowly getting round to showing all the shots of the awesome girls from the One Friendly Place boudoir session. This is Sarah, wonderful, adventurous and brave, and prepare... VIEW POST