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June 21, 2013 PERSONAL WORK {CARTERS STEAM FAIR} Carter's Steam Fair came to the park at the end of my road, and I took some snaps on film. Everything here is shot with Fuji 400H, the thing I love most about my film work is how similar it actuall... VIEW POST
June 19, 2013 MARION + PAUL // WINDSOR FIRE STATION ARTS CENTRE I love it when you feel like you really get to know one of your couples and I definitely did with Marion and Paul; from the first time I met Marion for a drink and a chat about their plans, through ... VIEW POST
May 28, 2013 MARION & PAUL {SNEAK PEEK} Couldn't resist sneaking a peek of Marion & Paul's amazing wedding in Windsor this weekend. If you were a guest and want to be notified when the rest of the pictures are available online (or ... VIEW POST
May 20, 2013 ZOE & JOHN     I geared up for Charlie and Andy's wedding with an e-shoot on Wandsworth Common, met Claire and Andy for a whizz around Virginia Water Lake, hung out with Rebec... VIEW POST
May 14, 2013 BUNNY LOVE Hugest thanks to the following for letting some crazy ideas in my head come to fruition, and especially massive thanks to Ceri; who made the most beautiful and most tasty cake and Laura, who did the... VIEW POST
May 9, 2013 SNEAK PEEK TIME A single frame from a shoot I put together earlier today - aren't Kat and Andrew just adorable? VIEW POST
April 24, 2013 JO & KEV {ENGAGED} Kev likes Squarepusher and Jo doesn't which has apparently led to a wedding playlist challenge, I am really interested to hear what's actually going to be played! The sun came out fo... VIEW POST
April 16, 2013 CHARLIE & RYAN {ENGAGED} I had lots of fun hanging out with Charlie and Ryan at the place they first met, The Dogstar in Brixton. More used to debauched nights out than daylight photoshoo... VIEW POST
March 20, 2013 WHAT TO WEAR FOR YOUR ENGAGEMENT SHOOT (AND OTHER QUESTIONS) One question I find I get asked alot, or rather one set of questions, relates to engagement shoots. I love this aspect of the wedding coverage but I do think it can be quite confusing for couples to... VIEW POST