March 14, 2016



Phong & Jim –┬áhad the kind of classic London wedding that I love shooting. Taking in at least 4 different locations (I guess more if you consider everything that you can see on a Thames River cruise).

Staring off in Battersea Park for their first look in the sunshine, before dashing across the iconic bridge and desperately trying to hail a taxi. The old adage being true about there never being any when you need them – I started to panic a little about getting them to their ceremony at Chelsea Town Hall on time. We needn’t have worried – we got there just before their guests appeared en masse.

After the ceremony we walked down through the streets of Chelsea to Cadogan Pier to board The Edwardian for a private cruise down the river, with Corona in the sunshine, sightseeing and lots of waving at people on bridges, before landing at Butler’s Wharf and heading the dining room at Gaucho for some serious steak related business. Oh, and those Valentino Rock Studs….

I also took what has become one of my favourite photos of the year – anyone that knows the area around More London will know that you have some amazing, glossy office buildings, and as the sun set, it cast a crazy strong beam of light down the passageway that leads to the river from Tooley Street, putting Phong & Jim in this really intense light, against the geometric pattern of ┬áheat output (it’s all glamour with me) from one of the shiny office blocks and boom!

Phong & Jim 008 Phong & Jim 010 Phong & Jim 021 Phong & Jim 018 Phong & Jim 042 Phong & Jim 045 Phong & Jim 044 Phong & Jim 046 Phong & Jim 072 Phong & Jim 049 Phong & Jim 124 Chelsea Town Hall wedding photography Phong & Jim 139 Phong & Jim 166 Phong & Jim 184 Phong & Jim 180 Phong & Jim 287 Phong & Jim 231 Phong & Jim 293 Phong & Jim 319 Wedding aboard the Edwardian
Phong & Jim 337

Phong & Jim 380 Phong & Jim 396 Phong & Jim 388 Phong & Jim 407 Phong & Jim 424

Ellie Gillard photography - couple shoot