July 22, 2019

My take on family photography

I’ve been offering family photography for a while – a kind of under the counter offer – mainly for those whose weddings I’d photographed and their friends. Shooting families, babies and bumps in the same way that I approach weddings – images full of fun, laughter, emotion, light and dark and that tell things the way they are. But in 2019 something changed – my own son Edwin was born –  and I saw the role that family photographs played in a whole new light. In the almost 18 short months since he arrived so much has happened, he has changed so much, I wanted to be able to freeze time – to capture all the tiny milestones and moments, and I’ve made a vow to try and photograph him with something other than my phone at least once a week. But even though I’m a pro, I still don’t manage it as much as I wish I could, and it means the photos are never of all of us – I’m always the one behind the camera.

So, if studio shoots aren’t your thing, here’s an alternative way to capture your growing family – natural, creative, artful, story telling photography. Sessions that show you as a family – your favourite things, the love you share, the places you spend your time.

natural photos of babies and families candid baby photography Relaxed family photography Norfolk wedding photography


So, if that sounds like your cup of tea, why not book a session? Session fees start at £75 with a host of beautiful products to add on and digital files to purchase – get in touch and I’ll send a brochure and some other gorgeous images to look through. Sessions can be weekdays or weekends (subject to availability) and I cover anywhere between Norwich and London in my session fee (and I can travel further for agreed travel costs).



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