July 2, 2015


festival wedding photography

Victoria & Ian are big fans of Glastonbury, and having just returned from the self same festival, it seems somehow appropriate to blog their wonderful wedding. They went as far as theming the day, with tables named after the various stages and areas (and obviously Shangri-La had to be the naughty table didn’t it?), Victoria wore red wellies under her huge but awesome Ian Stuart dress and instead of an order of the day, everyone got lanyards. Instruments were laid on the lawn, jam sessions were encouraged, cakes were judged and there was much dirty dancing.

They chose to get married outdoors too – in the sunken garden at Burton Manor in the Wirral where some of their guests set up their camping chairs, ready for the headline act.

So many good ones from this wedding, but here’s just a handful.

Victoria & Ian-15Victoria & Ian-27Victoria & Ian-103Victoria & Ian-120Victoria & Ian-125Victoria & Ian-131Victoria & Ian-141Victoria & Ian-149Victoria & Ian-158Victoria & Ian-160Victoria & Ian-167Victoria & Ian-196Victoria & Ian-206Victoria & Ian-200Victoria & Ian-217Victoria & Ian-249Victoria & Ian-276Victoria & Ian-347Victoria & Ian-350Victoria & Ian-354Victoria & Ian-375Victoria & Ian-380Festival wedding photography Bottle Go-ProVictoria & Ian-414Festival wedding photography candid momentVictoria & Ian-467Victoria & Ian-480Victoria & Ian-502Victoria & Ian-545Victoria & Ian-548Victoria & Ian-550Victoria & Ian-570Victoria & Ian-572Victoria & Ian-594Festival wedding photography

Victoria & Ian-575Victoria & Ian-609Victoria & Ian-610Victoria & Ian-634Victoria & Ian-635Victoria & Ian-638Victoria & Ian-640Victoria & Ian-642Victoria & Ian-657Victoria & Ian-661Victoria & Ian-665

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