Hey, I’m guessing you stumbled across this page because you’re a photographer too – you could be at any stage, from just got your first DSLR to considering entering the world of professional photography. I started out shooting a couple of rolls of film on my first ever camera when I was doing my art foundation and now I am a photographer full time, shooting some 40 odd weddings a year plus a handful of other types of shoots too, and I love to help others achieve their ambitions too.

I offer a couple of tools and teachings to help you on your journey. In my former life as a buyer I developed and mentored junior staff, and I love seeing talent blossom.


If you’re at the start of your journey towards making wedding photography a career or just need a boost to get to where you want to be these 1:1 mentoring sessions are for you.

Come spend the day with me at my home in Norwich, and with homemade treats we’ll sit around the dining table and get stuck into the nitty gritty of running a successful wedding photography business. Sessions can be entirely tailored to you and what you want to learn but potential topics include:

  • Shooting, and shooting for the light
  • Interacting with couples (live couple shoot as an optional extra and the chance to gain some portfolio material) & connecting with your couples
  • Editing and post processing
  • Managing your workflow – from first enquiry to delivering the images
  • Adding intangible value to your brand and attracting your ideal client
  • Finding your voice in a noisy and crowded market place
  • Getting your name out there, and getting clients
  • Introduction to off-camera flash & low light shooting for winter weddings.
  • Portfolio and website review.

Full day sessions start from £300, and include an action plan and a follow up session by Skype.


A full days session, either 1:1 or in a small group at my home in Norwich, with homemade cake, lots of tea and a glass of wine at the end!

We’ll talk about how to use your particular model of camera, and the theory behind shooting manually. After the initial theory based part of the day we’ll head out, and put what we’ve learnt into practice by shooting some portraits, and some street photography.

The sessions can be tailored to you and your level of knowledge but could include the following topics.

  • Understanding your camera
  • Composition
  • The exposure triangle and how to get beyond auto
  • Using aperture to create ‘bokeh’
  • Using slow shutter speeds for creative effects
  • Focusing modes
  • Kit choice – what lenses or other equipment do I need?

Individual daily sessions from £100 – get in touch for a quote for a group session.