September 9, 2013


Every now and then you get a wedding which completely knocks your socks off, for me this was it. Everything was super DIY, pulled together by talented friends and family from the flowers, to the carefully curated ‘roomscapes’ with their hidden bottles of port and the dresses Lara wore which came from Gav’s Aunt’s vintage shop. Already legally married back home in Hong Kong, they had a symbolic ceremony with friends and families doing readings, sounding horns, singing along to ‘All You Need is Love’ and a chorus of kazoos to walk out to. Their friends Cable Street Collective shunned the Secret garden Party in order to play, and also provided 3/4 of the best men. Oh and the best choreographed first dance ever.

Most importantly I felt we really connected, when they described their vision of the day – something totally them, something non traditional that fitted how they saw themselves as a couple – I think I fell a little bit in love. How crazy the two of them are about each other is written right across their faces. Lara & Gav – thanks for having me along for the ride.