April 1, 2015


Aurora Blu is a burlesque performer, and she was just one of five gorgeous, real, women who came along and modelled for myself and a couple of talented friends the other week. I’ve been wanting to do more of these sorts of sessions in a way that works for me – natural light, a little bit moody, amazing locations, the chance to dress up – natural, feminine.

The term boudoir seems somehow wrong – it so often conveys thoughts of cheesy soft focus, bad retouching and overt sexiness but I want these to be about you, to have a chance to look and feel fantastic, to feel sexy on your own terms, to get your makeup done by a professional and to take away some shots of you looking just so incredibly fabulous in an incredible setting.

I’ve got a few more of these sessions to share, and I’m going to be launching these sessions really soon – if you’re interested, get in touch now and we can have a chat about how this can work for you.


Model : Aurora Blu

Hair and makeup: Sabrina Lily

Hand chain : Asos

Bird print lingerie set: Daisy Sheldon embroidery

Night dress: Vintage

all other clothes models own.