July 6, 2015


The Londesborough Wedding Photography

Victoria a & Rob are another amazing couple (yep – I know that I’m super lucky to work with such wonderful, sweet and creative people – it really makes my heart sing). When I met them for their engagement shoot I popped round to meet their super cute kitty Hendrix (who had a little accident before the wedding – get well soon Hendrix!) and do some shots in their vinyl filled living room.

And so onto their wedding, which was held at Stoke Newington Town Hall and The Londesborough just around the corner, and was super fun and a real labour of creative love. Rob hand drew all the artwork, with nods towards cult movies as well as their love of vintage stuff, and his brother wrote all the poems. They saw and loved The Portrait Machine at a wedding fair we both exhibited at and made their own photobooth, with wood and nails and stuff. The cake was made by one of Victoria’s students – It was incredible.

We held up Stoke Newington’s traffic with a gypsy jazz band, as everyone walked in a massive crocodile to the pub before toasting, eating, drinking and dancing the night away, with friends manning the decks. This is how to do weddings.

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