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I love London…

And I’m a big fan of London weddings. In fact I got married at Islington Town Hall, so I understand what it’s like to be planning a London wedding and some of the special factors you need to consider like the potential for multiple venues, navigating busy weekend traffic, bringing guests from out of town and is your Gran going to be upset by the cool warehouse venue you’ve chosen in Hackney. What will she make of Dalston Junction? You want to choose a London wedding photographer that understands the unique beauty of a wedding in the city.

I get it.


You want to to be reassured that they know and love the city as much as you do; that they are excited by and see the potential in the wedding venue you’ve chosen and know how to take awesome photos when instead of fields and trees, you have buildings and bystanders. That they see the beauty in the every day fabric of the city. I lived in London for 12 years and although it’s no longer my home (it still would be if it weren’t for terribly boring things like house prices), it’s still my favourite city in the world. Those 12 years I spent in London, I explored almost every inch (I commuted to work by bike and it’s amazing what you learn about geography!) and I know what makes for epic wedding photography in the city.

From weddings in warehouse venues, iconic landmarks like Trinity Buoy Wharf, the Natural History Museum or the Asylum Chapel, to town halls and pub receptions. I love everything about London weddings. Though I love classically pretty bits of London as much as anyone, it’s the real bits that we all live and work in, that truly get me excited. My style is a bit pretty, a bit gritty and I love to included unexpected juxtapositions in my work – you can read a little more of my manifesto here.

When looking for a London wedding photographer, there are a few technical things to consider too – can your photographer work with a light kit that follows them on their adventure, or does their work require a car load of gear?

Below I’ve included some of my favourite pieces of advice for planning a London wedding; so come on in and let me show you around….

I’ve made shooting weddings in London my specialism with over a decade of photographing beautiful weddings in the capital, I know exactly what I need to get beautiful photos but move between locations; documenting the whole day. My pricing for all day coverage starts at £2600.

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Show off your wedding style

London has so many different wedding venues – from town halls, to pubs, to quaint gardens and parks, East London warehouses, historic buildings and luxury hotels. If you’re a Londoner, you might have family and friends travelling from all over to come to your wedding, so show off your London.

Pick a wedding venue in an area you love, maybe somewhere you can come and visit afterwards to reminisce about your day.

Choose to have your wedding photos on your favourite London street so they truly become part of your story, and pick a venue that shows off your style – whatever that might be.

Consider logistics

Do think about how you’re going to travel from A to B and move your guests around, whether that’s a routemaster bus (yeah, a bit cliched but they do the job!) or on the tube or in a fleet of Addison Lees! If choosing multiple venues for your wedding, then think about the drive time between the two, especially if it’s a route that’s frequently traffic heavy – you don’t want to spend more time stuck on said bus than enjoying cocktail hour at your reception.

IThe same can be said for choosing somewhere to get ready – weekend traffic can be unpredictable and you don’t want to be unfashionably late to your ceremony because you were stuck on the Westway or the North Circular.

Don’t be scared of dry hire venues

Some of London’s coolest wedding venues are dry hire – this means that your hire fee covers just the building or space and you must bring in everything – tables, chairs, knives, forks – literally everything. Whilst some people relish a spreadsheet and a challenge, if that’s not you, but you’re still drawn to the idea of a dry hire wedding venue, there are a number of specialist on the day co-ordinators you can hire. See more details below.

Just to make sure everyone has something to toast you in!

And if you love the look of these kind of venues, but want everything taken care of – there’s a growing number of full service venues with the same look and feel

My favourite

london wedding venues

Trinity Buoy Wharf

Airy, super cool and with a surprising amount of outdoor space for a wedding venue in East London, I present to you one of my favourite ever spots.

Shoreditch Studios

In the heart of Shoreditch, this is a busy working photo studio by day; cool wedding venue by, I guess, weekend. In a railway arch, it also has outside space but it needs a wedding photographer who understands its dimly lit charms

Clapton Country Club

Whoah there – a cool, east London warehouse wedding venue that is full service – not dry hire and looks incredible in photos. This restored tram shed in Clapton is one of my faves.

Asylum Chapel

Syon Park

Kew Gardens

London Town Halls (ranked)

One Friendly Place

The Depot N7

The Camberwell Arms wedding

The best London pub wedding venues

What’s not to love about a pub wedding? They often do the best food, have great interiors and are a really fun, low key way to celebrate a city wedding.




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All day coverage starts from £2600.