Best of 2019

January 7, 2020

A year in review – London wedding photographer

Oh wow – what a year. I am never sure whether to make these posts like my imaginary Oscar’s acceptance speech and thank everyone that’s been part of the year, throwing in some statistics about miles travelled or the number of shoots. It’s a good format…


On that basis, let’s start. 21 amazing weddings – significantly fewer than in most years due to the arrival of a certain tiny human, who chose to wait until the very last minute to make his appearance. 21 amazing couples, who’s days I’ve loved being part of. Continuing to feel so lucky and privileged to do this job, and to be trusted and allowed into this day. To witness hugs, epic dance moves, first looks, tears of joy, the day you’ve planned for months, or sometimes thrown together in a few weeks, all the people you love in one room, all the magic of what it means to bind yourself to someone else, to stand up and say ‘here’s my person’, and to continue, to some extent, to do it on my own terms, to be trusted to capture these days as I see them.

I’d like to take the chance (ahem!) to thank a few people who’ve helped make this happen – my wonderful husband Joss, for just being awesome, and both of our Mums for providing childcare and allowing us both to continue doing what we love.

2020 is beginning to look busy, and I’m back to full ‘capacity’ – August and May are already fully booked, but there’s availability either side, so if you’re looking for creative, modern photography in London, Norfolk or for your destination wedding (or indeed anywhere else in the UK) then get in touch, I can’t wait to hear your story, and play my small part in it.