April 9, 2020

How to mark your original wedding date

If you’ve had to postpone due to Covid-19

Coronavirus is a bastard – it’s taken so much from us and now it’s come for weddings too. The news makes for grim reading, and having the face the thought of rescheduling your wedding on top of that is pretty challenging. I know it can probably feel tempting to spend your original wedding date howling into a pillow, but I thought I’d pull together a very quick blog post on some ways I’d seen others mark missed wedding dates. I also know that once you decide on your wedding date, which could be for a specific reason, or could be as simple as that’s when your venue was available, it takes on a new status and importance.

Remember, and it feels counterintuitive for someone who works in the wedding industry to be saying this, but although your wedding day is often sold to you as ‘the very best day of your life’, what it often is in practice is a wonderful day, where you celebrate something awesome with your friends and family, but not necessarily the very best day you’ll have ever, and when it finally rolls around you’ll all celebrate just that little bit harder.

Letting your guests know

So this isn’t technically marking your original date, but it’s related to the whole subject. If you need a nice way to let your guests know you’ve postponed your day, Papier have a whole range of modern stationary that you can send to everyone to let them know your new date. Paperless Post have a great range of virtual options if you prefer to send an email with impact.

Host an alternative ceremony online

Now we live in a world where anything is possible virtually, I’ve seen some wonderful stories of wedding ceremonies hosted online via Zoom. You could invite some of your guests, ask a friend to act as a celebrant and write some personal vows to each other. Or if that feels a little bit too soppy for you, why not invite them all for a virtual drink, a singalong, a quiz, any excuse to spend time together. You can, if you use Zoom, set the session to be recorded and then edit into a video as a memento too.

Have a date day

If the thought of hosting a virtual ceremony online on your original date doesn’t feel quite right, why not have a date day at home together – make it feel really special – decorate your front room and exchange some personal vows between you. They can be about anything you like but you could reflect on what it means to have each other at this time, and how excited you are for your ‘real’ wedding day to eventually come. Dress in something wedding-y, doesn’t have to be the dress or suit you intended for your actual wedding day if you want to keep it a surprise.

Decamp and cook, or order in, an amazing dinner and celebrate with a bottle of something nice. Local vineyards have been hard hit by the crisis, and are still doing delivery – my top tip is a bottle of Flint Vineyard Blanc De Noir  so you can get tipsy and support a small business too.

Give your bedroom a good tidy, make it feel like a hotel-like haven and have a mini wedding day without leaving home.

Or you could organise a virtual photoshoot… 

If your original date is after lockdown ends….

But whilst some social distancing measures are still in place, so that some businesses are open, and we can visit friends and family but large gatherings like weddings are still discouraged – you could arrange a lovely lunch with your closest friends and family, or even book in a photoshoot to commemorate the day.


Whatever happens, you’re not alone, and I’ve seen a series of excellent blog posts from couples who’ve had to postpone their own weddings on the blog Love My Dress, which will perhaps be more comforting for you than anything I can say ever will be.

Over the next few weeks I’ll try and share some more ideas of things to help make this time a little easier.