How to order your album

It’s really easy and straightforward to order your album BUT there are several variables to consider. I want to make the process as easy as possible for you so the below information, and the order form at the bottom of the page are here to help guide you through.

Order your album in  7  easy steps

  1. Choose your favourite images in your shootproof gallery – see below for more info!
  2. Complete the order form below
  3. I’ll send you an invoice for the cost of your album (unless included in your wedding package). You can pay by credit or debit card with payments supported by Stripe and no additional fees to pay to use your card.
  4. I’ll get designing and send you the first draft of your album in 7 working days.
  5. Get your feedback to me and I’ll make any changes before the album goes to print. Try to be clear and concise as 2 rounds of design are included in the price, but additional rounds are £50 each.
  6. I’ll action that and send you the final design for approval.
  7. Once approved to print I send it off and you can expect your beautiful, custom designed fine art album one month later.

Choosing your images

Pick images you love – forget about the traditional shots that you feel like you should have- cake cutting or group shots. This album is you so choose the images that make your heart go boom and the moments you really love.

I aim to tell a story with your album design, and want to work through the day chronologically so when choosing images think about picking them in ‘segments’ – examples would be:

  • Getting ready
  • Ceremony
  • Post ceremony and confetti
  • Guest candids and other natural shots
  • Decor and details
  • A few cool groups if you like
  • Speeches
  • Portraits (i.e. lovely shots of the two of you)
  • Dancing

Picking a spread from across the day helps me build the story in a balanced way. The number to pick will vary depending on which album you order.

I want each spread to be new and exciting to look at for each to be a treat, and to have a variety of layouts. Some might have lots of images, others maybe only one or two. So it’s important to let the images breathe, and for the important images to tell their own story.

If you’re stuck when it comes to making your selections (or you just can’t narrow it down) just let me know the ones you ‘must have’ and I can fill in the rest.

I’ll do an initial design, send it to you to approve through my lovely online proofing system and I include one round of amends for free. Additional amends to the design will be charged at £25 per round and added to the overall price.

Although the albums are sold as 15, 30 and 45 spreads, in truth you can have any number between 15 and 45 depending on the design, so if in the design process we decide we need one more, or indeed one less, spread to really make the design perfect, we can do that, and the final price will reflect these choices. In general it is better to have fewer images as, although the temptation can be to fit in as many as possible, including slightly fewer really lets your favourites sing, and allows for a more timeless layout.

As a guide:

15 spreads – 60-70 images

30 spreads – 90-110 images

45 spreads – 150 or so images

How to select images in Shootproof 


Choose your cover

One of the lovely things about Vision Art is that their covers are endlessly customisable and you can create something really unique to you, maybe incorporating the font, or a graphic element, from your wedding stationary. Because there are so many options, I can only show you so many sampled, but have a look through their huge archive over here to get an idea for what’s possible.

If you have specific design ideas, I’d love to come up with something to suit.

Here’s the huge choice of different cover fabrics – my personal favourites are the natural, textured Asahi line, and the wonderful marled natural uncoated fabrics. The coated bookcloths are pretty lovely too. These are slightly more durable than the uncoated bookcloths, and would be a bit of a better option if you imagined yourself perusing your album with a glass of red in one hand.

Fabric compositions:

The ‘Uncoated’ color options signify the cloth is  uncoated 100% rayon.

The ‘Natural’ color options signify the cloth is uncoated cotton/linen.

The Asahi line is a Natural uncoated linen.

All ‘sprinkle’ color options are 100% rayon with an acrylic finish.

All others are made with a coated poly-cotton blend.

Order your album
Fill in the form below and we’ll get started…

Album order form

  • Please list the address you would like the album to be delivered to. After delivery to me and a quick check over, I'll send the album via DPD, so you might find it more convenient to have the album delivered to your work address.
  • Please confirm you've chosen your favourites in your Shootproof gallery.

    A suggestion of the correct number of images to chose is in the information above.
  • Choose the number of spreads you would like for your album. This will be dictated by the number of images you've chosen as favourites, see the above post and guide for more information.
  • There are a huge choice of colours for your album - see the above swatches for more information and some of my top selects. Please choose one for your album.
  • Each album's cover is individually designed and your design will be sent to you along with the first album layout.

    This is your space to indicate if you have any special requirements or ideas - maybe a custom illustration or logo from your wedding, or a font used on your stationary. I usually use a modern, sans serif font like Futura, but I can look for a script font, or anything you like really.

    Also let me know what you want it to say - it can say anything you like - lots of people choose their names e.g. 'Ellie & Joss' but don't feel limited to that!
  • If you have a custom illustration or font you would like to upload then please upload it here. Max size 128MB and 4" x 2" unless choosing the debossing upgrades below.
    Drop files here or
  • Please select one of the below options if you'd like to increase the size of the debossing on your album
  • Choose the colour of the foiling, blind debossing or matte debossing
  • The price shown below shows the total price.

    Once you submit this form I'l get to work on your album design and send it to you within 7 days along with an invoice.

    £ 0.00
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.