October 28, 2019

Connie & Matt – Asylum & Shoreditch Studios

Asylum (Maverick Projects) Wedding Photography

Another gorgeous wedding at two of my all time favourite London venues – this was a little bit of a greatest hits scenario – Asylum Chapel & Shoreditch Studios. And full of awesome, stylish suppliers, so hence that this blog post is a little bit more detail heavy than usual. I’m not going to apologise – it’s worth it.

The main thing though, was working with Connie & Matt. In 2019 I have been especially #blessed (does using the hashtag make it purposefully ironic) with absolutely wonderful couples, and these folks are right up there. 

After the ceremony and drinks at Asylum in Peckham, we piled onto a bus over to Shoreditch and to my favourite photo studio slash railway arch, Shoreditch Studios, for cocktails, gorgeous Basque inspired food and dancing.

Sometimes I feel like I end up saying similar things about lots of the beautiful weddings I shoot, and I guess there’s only so many ways to say what an amazing time you had, and still get to call it work. You’ll have to excuse my gushing here – it really was one of those times!