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I pulled this page together to give you an overview on what to expect from working with me – when you can expect to hear from me, when you won’t and the promises I’ll give you.


If you’ve got this far I assume that you’ve already enquired with me by filling in my contact form. I should have replied to you within 48 hours, but this can sometimes be a teeny bit longer if you’ve contacted me on a Friday evening as I’ll often be shooting on the Saturday, and taking the Sunday off to recover. Throughout our relationship I endeavour to reply to all of you emails within that time period unless I’m out of the office in which case you should get a notification.

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Once you’ve had a chance to have a look through the password protected area of my site, seen some full slideshows of work and looked at the FAQS it’s time to have a chat. Some people book without having spoken to me as they get a good feel for what it would be like to work with me but others would like to meet – either face to face, via Zoom or Skype or sometimes even just a good natter on the phone. After all you will be spending pretty much all of the biggest day of your lives with me, so it makes sense to check we get on.

As I am based in Norwich, and my couples are all over the UK (and the world) often the most convenient way to meet is often via Skype. You are very welcome to come and meet me here if you prefer to meet face to face, or alternatively I am usually in London a few times a month, so I can let you know if I have any available time slots soon.

I like to let you go away and have a think, I’m not into the hard sell and I understand if you are meeting other photographers too (though pick me, pick me!). If you do decide to go ahead then just let me know and we’ll head onto the next step which is getting you booked in.

In order to get you formally booked in I’ll send you a copy of the contract via an online portal, this means you can electronically sign it which is quick and convenient. Once you’ve signed it I’ll be alerted and will sign it myself, and we will all be emailed a copy. I will also send you an invoice for the £500 deposit and once both the deposit and contract have been received you’ll be all booked in the date is yours.

I’ll send you a confirmation email which highlights the next steps and get a little something in the post to you.


You probably won’t hear that much from me after that for a little bit, but I encourage you to follow me on social media as that’s where I’ll share all of my latest work. You can follow me on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter.


In the meantime of course, if you have any questions at all then send them through and I’ll do my best to answer ASAP.

If you’ve booked an engagement shoot as part of your collection I’ll be in touch 3 months before the big day to schedule in a time slot for you but if you want to go ahead before then, just let me know.

The final payment is due on the 1st of the preceding month and I’ll send an invoice through around 2 weeks before that for your records so that there’s no surprises. At this stage let me know if you’d like to add anything onto your collection like a second photographer, additional hours etc and II’ll add these onto the invoice for you.

I’ll also send you your photography plan to fill in so we can run all through the timings on the day, group shots, locations, transport and all the other important details so that I have everything I need to be awesome on your wedding day. if there are specific questions, or if you just want to have time to run through and be reassured about any aspect of the day then we can have a meeting, again other via Skype, on the phone or face to face – whichever works best for you.

On the day I’ll arrive a little bit early and get my bearings, if we’re in the wedding venue, and if not I’ll take a few minutes when we get there if there’s time. This is so I know my way around and means I can make quick judgements for things like group shots and portraits based on how and where the light is falling.

On the day I’ll start at the time we agree, and finish at the time agreed on the plan. My standard package is 9 hours, and you have the option to add on additional hours if needed. I know that wedding days often overrun, and I’ll give you a complimentary 30 mins if required. If it looks like the day is going to overrun substantially I’ll let you know at least an hour beforehand so you can make a decision about whether to get on that dance floor for your first dance, whether we agree certain events won’t be photographed or whether you want to pay for extra hours.


After the wedding day I’ll share a sneak peek with you via your gallery – this will be around 10 images from the day just to give you a little flavour. The full set of images will be available a month after the wedding day and when they are ready I’ll send you a link to your online gallery where you can download your images and I’ll also be putting a little something in the post for you too if the collection you choose includes a USB.

I recommend that you back up your images, and more information about this will be in the ‘planning your wedding photography’ guide that you’ll be sent.


I am frequently approached by bloggers and magazines about featuring certain weddings, and if they are keen to feature yours I’ll be in touch and send through their questionnaire. Being featured on blogs is a really important part of how I market my business and it helps me book more awesome clients like you so it is hugely appreciated when you agree to be featured. Sometimes I will also submit weddings I think bloggers could be interested in, and occasionally I submit ones to them which are’t the right fit. It doesn’t mean the wedding isn’t amazing, but that maybe they’ve featured something similar recently, or the aesthetic isn’t quite right for them.

If you’ve included an album as part of your package, or if you’d like to purchase one just get in touch and see the albums page for more information about prices. if you’ve pre-purchased an album, to counteract any potential rises in cost price by the supplier, I ask you to choose your final images within 3 months. If you opt to buy one afterwards they are available any time up to a year after your wedding (though to be honest, longer is fine though too) and 50% is due before any design work commences, and 50% once the design is agreed and ready to go to the supplier.

I’ll also let you know if there are any deadlines to be aware of, such as for getting an album delivered before Christmas.