February 19, 2018

Urban Warehouse Wedding – Hannah & Dan


Hannah and Dan travelled back to the UK from their home in Dubai to get married at Sunbeam Studios in Ladbroke Grove – on a scorching hot day, we entered the cool, bright, light Sunbeam Studios for a touching humanist ceremony followed by feasting; the most incredibly touching Father of the Bride speech I have ever heard (Sorry, other Dads, but it’s true, and if you don’t believe me check out Daniel from Shoot Me Now Film’s video) and epic dancing to house classics.

The day started at the rather gorgeous Rosewood London in Holborn where Hannah, family and bridesmaids had booked out a whole complex of rooms (and with some of the most beautiful bathrooms I’ve ever seen in Central London) before we headed over the studios, a place that doubles up as a commercial photography and film studio during the week, and gives you a complete blank canvas for your day.

Hannah & Dan are also both wonderful – super fun to work with and I have a wee bit of cheekbone envy too…

As an aside, I’ve been trying to blog weekly and share a bit of a variety of the mazing weddings I’ve shot throughout 2017 – trying to offer lots of lovely variety and I’ll be taking¬† a little break from sharing new weddings until 2018’s wedding season kicks off in March. You can still see what I’m up to over on my Instagram¬†and I’ll be keeping that up to date and sharing lots more stuff over there.


Sunbeam studio wedding photography ceremony Sunbeam Studios wedding photography bride Sunbeam Studios Wedding golden hour portraitSunbeam Studios Wedding Portrait with couple