December 19, 2016


2016 – WHAT A YEAR

Well, 2016, it’s been interesting… Lots of sad news, Greats passing, Brexit, Trump – bleurgh. One thing that is for sure though is that 2016’s weddings were an absolute blast start to finish. I’ve now shot my last wedding for the year – 38 in total! – and I’m looking forward to taking it a little bit more easy this week, putting my feet up and enjoying some sofa snuggle time with the new addition to the family – Benson, a recently adopted dog!

Once again I’ve had the privilege of shooting all over the country and in France,¬†with lots of time in London – from intimate weekday pub weddings to the grandeur of Syon Park. I discovered that our new home, Norfolk, is a most excellent place for an engagement shoot, and spent lots of time shooting at the beach at sunset. I saw lots of beautiful dresses, gorgeous florals and smartly tailored suits, lots of tears, laughter, hugs and suspicious dancing, and sustained one dancefloor injury! I’ve loved working with each and every one of the couples that have chosen me to capture their day, and I always remain honoured and humbled that couples would choose my work to preserve their memories.

And finally, 2016 has been the year that we have finally settled into our new home outside London – being personal here for a moment, it took a while to accept not being a Londoner any more. I know that we are all fairly tribal, defining ourselves by what we do, or by our neighbourhood, so to not have that any more was beyond strange. I missed living in London with all my heart, and hated living somewhere smaller – the number of ‘shall we move back’ conversations I shared with Joss…. Anyway, I’m pleased to say that trying co-working, and not being squirrelled away in a home office, has really helped and I’m now beginning to settle into a different style of living.

I’m really excited about 2017 and have just 3¬†gaps left for weddings next year, so if you’re reading this and thinking about getting in touch then do it now! Libby also has plenty of availability, so to know some more about working with either of us, just get in touch and I’ll send you a brochure.