Learn flash photography, for wedding photographers


Wedding at the Ivyhouse Nunhead

Asylum peckham wedding photography


Module one: Getting Started

  • Why I use flash
  • Why consistency is important and applying your signature lighting style
  • What’s in my kit bag
  • Back to basics – the exposure triangle and adding in light

Bonus material including an equipment checklist and your first assignment

Module Two: Video Light

  • Super simple introduction to video light
  • Video light images deconstructed and explained

Module three: On Camera Flash

  • My simple On camera flash hack
  • Pros and Cons of on camera flash
  • High speed sync flash (AKA fill flash)
  • Editing my On camera flash images
  • Bonus: Dancefloor flash and dragging the shutter.

Bonus material including a crib sheet for your camera bag and your second assignment

Module four: Off Camera Flash

  • Off camera flash isn’t scary – an introduction and all you need to get going.
  • A quick introduction to modifiers and what I use (clue – as little as possible most of the time)
  • Crosslighting – when and how
  • Other creative applications – portraits, groups etc.

Bonus material including PDF lighting diagrams of some of my go-to setups and your third assignment

Taking the class includes membership to my Facebook group, where you can get all the support and encouragement you need to work on your flash skills and hone those images.