Peckham wedding photography

I’ve been itching to shoot a wedding in my local area for sometime, and so when Betty & Chris, who literally live on the next street over from me, and work as artists, got in touch about their Peckham wedding I was jumping up and down with excitement. It helped that when I met them both, I really adored them and so to their wedding day – which took place on a Wednesday at the beginning of June; Betty stitched her own dress, in fact she made two but the first one went a bit wrong and had to be ditched, their parents live in other countries, so they just invited their artist friends and we got to take shots in their studio in the Bussey Building, in a rooftop bar where everyone cheered for them, and in the park at the end of my road; we sat in Aya’s tiny cafe in the Holdron arcade and drank and ate her delicious food surrounded by a cage of bamboo and lights that Chris had decorated with flowers for Betty.

I love this pocket of South East London, and I love these guys.

Here’s some shots from their wedding day.

As an aside if you’re in Peckham at any point soon you should check out Aya’s – she does the most incredible crepes and sandwiches, and I’d probably never have discovered it, had it not been for these guys.

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