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The best of 2022

The best shots of 2022

Sometimes one questions the value of an end of year round up post – who’s interested? they cry. It doesn’t solve a problem or answer a question, nor is it the keywords in a google search.

For me, rounding up what you’ve photographed that year is a good chance to look back, to assess what you did that you loved – all the happy couples, beautiful moments, belly laughs and everything in between. Perhaps to assess what you can do better (ahem marketing). But it also serves as a kind of manifesto – what’s important to you, to help refine your style and way of shooting, to better position your brand I guess. For me I know that joyful, colourful, emotive photography tops trends everytime; though I guess a dash of style never hurts. In a world where it’s easy to be swayed by the ubiquity of some of the images we see in the wedding-sphere now – the constant parade of thin, white heiresses’ weddings on the Vogue Weddings feed – and know that it’s OK to stand for something different.

At the beginning of 2022 year I set out that I only wanted to photograph 25-30 weddings, as usual I overshot that and ended up at around 35. This was after the madness of the 2021 pst covid catch up, with 42 weddings in 6 months. I now think my sweet spot is somewhere between 35-40 weddings spread out over the whole year. Enough to keep me busy, enough to still have time with my family; to not feel like I’m on the road constantly. As such I still have some gaps in 2023 – oddly May is very quiet, and June a little bit, but August and September are practically full – especially at weekends.

I’ve shot in London a lot – which I love. Drove over 1000km in one day to the South of France. Visited Marylebone Town Hall a lot, worked with some of my favourite suppliers and wedding co-ordinators (I won’t name name because I’m sure to miss out someone incredible) and also genuinely worked with some of the very best couples. I’ve had a blast this year. Are the shots I’m sharing below some of “the” very best wedding photography out there – no but they are all images which speak to me, and I hope if you like my work they speak to you somehow too.

If you’ve somehow landed on this page, and you want see more of my work, you can see my main portfolio here. And you can see my Best of 2021 here too.

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