A Wedding on a Farm – Laura & Matt


Another shorter blog post, this time just 30 frames from Laura & Matt’s fabulous wedding day at South Farm in Cambridgeshire. An outdoor ceremony, sheep and pigs, an organic grown on site menu (though hopefully the intended destination for the vegetables grown on site rather than said pigs and sheep!), tuk tuks, fields, beautiful bohemian flowers by Heavy Petal and an extremely stylish two piece by Rime Arodaky on the gorgeous Laura.

When Laura first got in touch with me, back in 2015, it was with one of the most genuine and heartfelt enquiries I’ve ever been lucky enough to receive, and I knew just then I had to shoot their wedding (even if it was Glastonbury weekend!) and it turned out that they knew not one, but two, of my previous couples – Georgie & Andy  and Kate & Ben. It didn’t disappoint!

As an aside, South Farm were so good to work at as a ‘supplier’ that I actually had to send them an email the next day thanking them – that’s a rare and unusual thing!


I also made a little video for them, after they asked me ever so sweetly, and so with no promises regarding quality I put this little highlights video together for them. if you’re interested in having me ‘practise’ a little video at your wedding too, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Laura & Matt from Ellie Gillard photography on Vimeo.

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