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Amy & Matt – An elegant Syon Park wedding

Syon Park wedding photography

Amy and Matt held their wedding celebration at gorgeous Syon Park, in South West London. An iconic location that pops up frequently as a TV location and in editorials (it’s in Bridgerton for instance, and seemingly every other issue of Harpers Bazaar), it’s also one of my favourite weddings venues. It’s elegant and light filled (also – plants) with space to roam. I am *all* about Amy’s pink Miu Miu platforms and fierce looks, and loved the fact they got ready together at the Hilton Syon Park, just across the way. And did someone say tacos? This post is all about their Syon Park wedding photography. Tucked away in a quiet corner of South West London, Syon Park is actually just across the river from Kew Gardens, and if you head out onto the lawn behind the main house, you’ll soon see Kew’s daytrippers bobbing about on the other side of the Thames.

Wedding ceremony in Syon House

They held a celebrant led wedding ceremony in the distinctive black and white tiled Great Hall – performed by and held a drinks reception in the courtyard, which on a sunny day kind of feels like you’re in Italy. It’s elegant but somehow laidback and unflashy.

Wedding reception in the Great Conservatory

Oh my – it’s the Great Conservatory that really makes a Syon Park wedding – the light! Truly one of my favourite places in London to photograph weddings, and it didn’t disappoint – we were treated to an incredible golden hour, and the setting sun streaming in throughout the afternoon, illuminating everyone so wonderfully and really making it feel quite magical. it always feels like such a cliche to say, but I hope you enjoy this Syon Park wedding photography as much as I enjoyed pulling this blog post together for you.

Syon is one of my favourite London wedding venues , so if you’re interested in working with me, then just reach out to me here.

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