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Kaitlin and Patric’s initial wedding plans, a destination wedding in California, were yet another casualty of the Panny-D. However, California’s loss was my gain, and they celebrated their wedding at the truly epic Clapton Country Club in, you guessed it, Clapton, East London.

A former tram depot, tucked down a mews in one of London’s most creative suburbs, Clapton Country Club is, oh-so ironically, nothing of the sort, but instead a super cool, industrial-chic warehouse venue that can host your entire wedding day – from getting ready in their dressing rooms, ceremonies in The Department of Life and then partying the rest of the night away in the Opium Den and their main dining room – it’s a rare gem in that it’s a super cool venue that’s also full service and pretty flexible.

Kaitlin began her day with her bridesmaids in the prep room, while Patric got ready with the guys over at the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green (just one of the hotels near Clapton Country Club) before we hopped to a first look, surrounded by lush green plants in the venue’s porch. Turning the usual timeline of a wedding day on its head we did both a chunk of couple photos and all the family photos before the ceremony, meaning that the rest of the day was dedicated just to having fun.

Wedding ceremony in the Department of Life

Their beautiful wedding ceremony was led by Kaitlin’s Uncle and celebrated the journey they’ve both been on as a couple – meeting at university in Canada and then living in both the States and in London. But the Clapton Country Club is a real party wedding venue, and that’s when it came to the fore – with cocktails served in the Opium Den, and the dance floor truly rocking: and not being able to wish for a nicer couple to work with than K&P – one of my favourite weddings of 2022.

Warehouse wedding venue photos

One fun little story I thought I’d share, which highlights the cultural chasm between the Brits and the Canadians…

Guest (drinking a Pimms and Lemonade, and said to a member of the waiting team): What’s Pimms anyway?

Wait staff members: Er, I don’t know but it’s a kind of Summer drink.

Suddenly people who had spent some time over here were chiming in – ‘yeah, it’s “summer cup”‘ and trying to describe it but never really getting to the truth of what it is. And it felt like a really interest cultural touchpoint for me – I can take or leave Pimms, but I know exactly what it is (despite having no idea what alcohol it’s based on – apparently it’s a gin-based spirit) and what its purpose is, and that it means summer, and weddings and Wimbledon and deck chairs and picnics and barbeques. And I found it funny, that despite living so globally these days, that something seemingly so banal can unite and divide us. And that’s one of the things I love so deeply about weddings, and the weddings I get to work on – being immersed in other worlds and meeting people all kinds of places. I truly am very lucky.


Makeup: Wedding Makeup & Hair

Flowers: Titanias Garden

Band: Nightshift

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